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Our mission at The Lazy Psychologist is to make the routine tasks of psychologists, particularly report writing, more efficient and less time-consuming. We strive to provide innovative solutions that simplify the learning curve and allow psychologists to live a more balanced life.


The Lazy Psychologist was born out of a desire to make the lives of psychologists easier. Our founder, Dr. Lazy, a psychologist himself, understood the dread and monotony that came with writing psychological assessment reports. He saw the need for a solution that would make this process more efficient and less time-consuming. Thus, The Lazy Psychologist was created. Our goal is to help psychologists navigate their routine tasks more efficiently, allowing them to focus more on their patients and less on paperwork.


Dr. Lazy served as a consultant for my practice, Heritage Professional Associates. He was responsive, efficient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in his assistance in developing and streamlining some of our processes. Dr. Lazy's professionalism and commitment were very appreciated!

One of the most significant impacts of working with Dr. Lazy has been the remarkable savings my practice has experienced. The cost-cutting measures he recommended were practical and easy to implement, resulting in thousands of dollars saved. I cannot recommend Dr. Lazy's services enough. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to optimize your workflow or a business owner seeking ways to enhance efficiency, Dr. Lazy has the expertise and experience to guide you towards success. He has made an immeasurable difference in my professional life, and I am truly grateful for the positive impact he has had on my practice


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