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We are currently under water with all you fools wanting to be lazy with us...

So, THUS why we are having you go through our FAQ to make sure you're for real, for real.  EMAIL US and we will get a secure Google folder shared with you. Start to throw a few SANITIZED reports in it so we can get a feel for your flow.  If you have intake questionnaires that are electronic, put those there as well.  If you have paper intake forms that you use, and we will turn in to electronic forms, put them there as well. 

  • How to I schedule a chat?
    IIf you are still interested....this is how it works: Sign up for consult hour (paid, $350), which gets the link for the calendar. We will use that consult hour to review your current process and try to leverage what you already have available. The goal is to talk you out of using my stuff :-) If you want to move forward after that, then we take the end of our time and discuss the process and what to expect. Remember, this is is not a full stop solution for writing....its a process to automate as much as possible. There will always be a need for editing....ALWAYS :-). But this helps you keep your current template, making it way faster for you to write your report without changing much of the output.
  • Can I see a sample?
    Sure, open up your last completed report....that is the sample :-). We don't recreate the wheel there (unless you want to)...we automate the process you already have to make it FAR more efficient, free up more time for what you want to do....and reduce redundancy!
  • Is this software?
    Nope, we leverage tools available in Google... Nothing fancy...just a little code here and there and implementing a process that speeds things up
  • HIPAA?
    You should be good if you work in a paid Google workspace (with a signed BAA)! You can check your peeps to be sure.
  • Does it have to be used with Google?
    For now, it does...but we are also working to produce a Microsoft solution. Stay Tuned...
  • Would my whole team be able to use this?
    YES! The entire team can use this for sure...It depends on how you want it to work, but as long as we have the details worked out on your processes, we can cater it to overall practice needs for sure!
  • How long will this take to create?
    Once we get started, plan on 10-15 days from start to finish...but this depends on the speed of asynchronous communication, our schedules, etc. It also depends on the depth of work we need to do...
  • How much does this cost?
    Depending on what we do, it could be as little as a consult fee ($300) or up to and exceeding 2k... Most of our custom design packages are approximately $2000...
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