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Get Ready

Ok, now that we have our intro call scheduled.....

Things to get ready.


Gather your background gathering tools...
Whether this is PDF, IntakeQ, Google Form, Etc., I want to see them in our session so we can assess possible changes and automations.

Behavioral Observations

Think about how you are already obtaining behavioral observations during testing.  

PDF, Google Form, Hand Written notes, etc.

Report Templates

Prepare a few sanitized reports.  Just grab one or two that capture your style and the most comon questions you answer. 

Your Fever Dream Outcome

Think about what your fever dream outcome would be here in this process.  Remember, this is an automation workflow, NOT a software program. It is bespoke to your needs.  Our job is to reduce as many clicks as possible and make your current report-writing process as less messy as possible :-)

If there are features you would LOVE, let's discuss how suitable they are for this project.  Just about anything is just depends on how and when we implement them.

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